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If you have a question about a specific property, please contact the resident manager for the property in question.

We need the following…

  1. One application must be completely filled out for each adult (18 years or older).

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  2. $40.00 (forty dollar) “offer to rent deposit” for each unit. (Not per person) The sum is a deposit to be applied to the security deposit upon acceptance of this offer to rent and execution of the lease. If the offer to rent is rejected by Everett Apartments, this deposit shall be returned to applicant. Failure of applicant to execute lease upon acceptance shall result in forfeiture of deposit by applicant. Any unclaimed deposits shall be forfeited by applicant after 60 days and shall become the property of Everett Apartments. Lease Assumptions do not need an offer to rent deposit.
  3. Copy of valid photo I.D.
  4. Proof of your income (copies of pay stubs, W-2, 1099's, tax returns, written employment verification, last three months bank statements, financial aid award, loan documents, county, state or federal award letters such as SSI, SDI, AFDC, Grants, GI Bills, General Assistance, Court ordered Child Support, etc. This verification should indicate the amount of income received, source, and dates of coverage).

We may also need…

If your application does not meet certain criteria, you will be required to have a co-signer. To rent without a co-signer you need to have three years of positive, verifiable rental history, good credit, and make at least three times the rent (residents’ combined income). We do not require a different co-signer for each resident on a lease, but we do recommend one.

  1. Co-signer agreement.

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  2. Copy of co-signer's valid photo I.D.
  3. Proof of co-signer's income (same copies as needed for Proof of Income for applicant above).

We may need:

  1. Proof of co-signer’s home ownership. (Credit reports usually show proof of home ownership, you may also use copies of property tax documents, property deed, or mortgage payments).
  2. Additional rental history.
  3. Additional reference information.
  4. Signed release to your employer/co-signers employer allowing them to verify employment.
  5. Proof of your/co-signers social security number.

Our rentals go quickly, so time is of the essence!